Neko Knitting Needles Reviewed

Very new to the knitting needle scene, Neko offers a unique style of double-pointed needle which allows for projects to be knit with only 3 needles, rather than the typical 4 or 5. Neko needles have a curved elbow design originally from Germany and come in brightly colored plastic, bamboo, or metal, depending on the size.

Neko Knitting Needles

These angled needles purport to offer a much faster and more comfortable knitting experience for socks and other small in-the-round projects. Neko double pointed needles are far less likely to slip out of the work than traditional DPNs. They are definitely one of the most unique needle innovations and are definitely worth exploring for sock knitting or those who struggle with DPNs.

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We recommend these unique Neko needles in our guide to the best sock knitting needles and as a great option for narrow in-the-round sections like sleeves.

Neko Knitting Needles