Printable Knitting Needle Size Conversion Chart in US, UK and Metric sizes

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US size Metric size UK size
US0x8 0.5mm UK24
US0x6 0.75mm UK22
US0x5 1.0mm UK20
US0x4 1.25mm UK18
US000 1.5mm UK17
US00 1.75mm UK15
US0 2.0mm UK14
US1 2.25mm UK13
US1½ 2.5mm --
US2 2.75mm UK12
US2½ 3mm --
US3 3.25mm UK11
US4 3.5mm UK10
US5 3.75mm UK9
US6 4.0mm UK8
US7 4.5mm UK7
US8 5.0mm UK6
US9 5.5mm UK5
US10 6.0mm UK4
US10½ 6.5mm UK3-2
US10¾ 7.5mm UK1
US11 8.0mm UK0
US13 9.0mm UK00
US15 10.0mm UK000
US17 12.0mm --
US19 16.0mm --
US35 19.0mm --
US36 20.0mm --
US50 25.0mm --