A Review of Boye Knitting Needles

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Sewing giant Simplicity owns Boye, an economical brand available in brick-and-mortar craft stores and large retailers. A common beginner’s needle, the classic Boye series of colorful, anodized aluminum needles is strikingly similar to the Susan Bates Silvalume set. Boye has 10” and 14” straight, 7” double-pointed and a variety of fixed and interchangeable circular needs, all in vibrant-toned aluminum.

As with all aluminum needles, they are prone to bending with excessive force. The nylon circular cables are not particularly pliable and may kink or coil frequently. Boiling or steaming the cable (not the needles) may help reduce some of the original twist from shipping, but the cables are quite stiff in comparison to other brands. Boye circular needles are not known for being particularly durable and the cables can separate from the tips with time and use. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for, and there are higher-quality cables in other brands.

Boye needles are among the most affordable, and some knitters swear by them. They have sharp points and are smoother than bamboo or resin needles. The 40-piece Boye Needlemaster interchangeable set retails for around $40 and comes with a case, 8 sizes of needles, 4 cable lengths, and a handful of other accessories. Be careful about over-tightening the connections on the Boye interchangeable, as the metal can bend into a “mushroom” shape from the torque..